I am an artist and creative coder. Software is my medium. I write computer programs to generate images and sound. The artworks can take different forms like prints or real-time generated visuals but the process stays the same.

I write programs that produce something you can see or hear. Something organic that evolves with time. I observe. Based on what it tells me I change the code. I repeat this process over and over, sometimes knowing where I want to get, other times letting it take me in unknown directions.

My work involves math and logic, but I often feel like an explorer wandering on mysterious worlds.

My main inspiration is nature. Its colors, movements and shapes.

I learn about our world by creating new ones.



I care about privacy. This website does NOT use cookies, advertising, tracking, analytics nor social features. I replaced embedded media by links labeled “watch on (platform)” so remote content is only loaded if you consent by clicking on it.

This site contains links to other sites I do not own. I can’t evaluate how safe those are. There are browser plugins you can install to help you navigate safely and with increased privacy.

The web server where this site is hosted keeps a log in which your IP address may be stored. I don’t analyze such logs. If it’s legal I’ll eventually switch logging off. Consider using a VPN or the TOR browser if you want to keep your IP address private.

Free Open Source Software

I use GNU/Linux and hundreds of Free Open Source tools in my creative work. Some of them are OPENRNDR, Processing, OpenFrameworks, SuperCollider, Firefox, nodejs, Blender, DarkTable, Vim, QtCreator, GNU image manipulation program, Kdenlive, FFmpeg, Audacity, LibreOffice, MyPaint, cmus, Midnight Commander, i3, VLC, git.

This site is generated using Hugo, a static website generator. Static, low-javascript web sites which avoid remote content can produce less CO2.

In prism-break you can find alternatives to many closed source programs. The EFF is a great place to learn about privacy, surveillance and freedom.

If you ever contributed to a Free Open Source program, thank you! Also thank you for visiting my web site :-)