2010 Updating my interactive Flash map coding horror.com Doing SEO for www.13nl.es 2009 Last video shooting day MU-JHU School of public health First application demonstration Post operation Pre operation Working Conference recording hardware First day 2007 PHP work as freelancer 2006 FotoVista360 / WeDo360 Database driven Flash sites 2005 Balearic islands Flash map Create Garito Café V2.0 web site 2004 Create Flash Form system Ultramar Express Flash website 2004 Flashmapa (Flash world map) 2003 Cova d'en Xoroi Flash website 2003 Create E-Merge Toledo web site 2002 Satellite tracking and MapServer Flash interface, 2001 Flash closet design tool with 3D rendering, 2002 Create very light Flash web site 2001 Garito Café V1.0 2000 Create a PHP PDF generator Start working at Creativa (IZY Formacion) 1999 Start working at Global Red 1998 Start work at Concord Serveis Digitals Start working at Gibert Gelabert Arquitectos
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