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Fun Programming

Mon Aug 1, 2011

Fun Programming started as a 30 day experiment and challenge. I wanted to know if I could produce creative coding video tutorials that were useful to others. I had some experience teaching in schools and privately, but zero knowledge about producing video content for the Internet. I was very inspired by the Khan Academy, and I liked Salman Khan’s technique of speaking while drawing without himself appearing in the videos to avoid distracting the learner.

It was quite a big challenge, specially because it was a relatively new topic for me, I decide to use Linux only for recording and video editing, and I had recently switched from a QWERTY keyboard to DVORAK. It was not easy at the beginning, but I ended up recording over 150 tutorials. I developed a website and a tool to manage the content, update the website and announce on social networks each time a new video was online.

I never received an overwhelming amount of feedback, but over the years I have received hundreds of positive comments and e-mails from learners (and teachers!) from around the world, including cute stories from very young kids, grand parents and everything in between.

For me Fun Programming symbolizes the end of being a software developer and the beginning of aBe the artist and creative coder.


Tags: video-tutorials. processing. online.