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Sun Sep 1, 2013

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Images generated from sound

In 2007 I produced and performed a 83 minute long sound composition, in Mallorca first and later in Berlin. I described the piece as a “movie without images”. It is an experimental sound journey that combines scenes full of beauty, nature, money and destruction. The track includes sounds created using traditional musical instruments like the piano, violin or guitar, with others produced by everyday objects like elevators, vacuum cleaners, pots and fridges, field recordings from different European cities, and digitally synthesized sounds.

The piece can be found on-line at SoundCloud and Archive.org

To generate the images displayed at Kauniaisten Kaupunkitalo exhibition, I spent weeks writing programs that analyze the six year old sound composition to then produce curves of different shapes and colors using rules I imagined. Previous generative works I created were rich in randomness, but this one differs, as randomness is completely absent and the aspect of each curve is directly driven by the properties of the music. This complex process attempts to make “Look at my music” (the exhibition title) something that can be actually experienced.

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Tags: sound-visualization. exhibition.