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Ink waves decoded

Thu Dec 31, 2020

A long-term project started in 2020 in which I study my own hand-drawn doodles trying to understand the rules they follow.

When I make abstract drawings I connect lines in specific ways. Some things are allowed to happen and others are not. I am trying to decipher those unwritten rules and convert them to computer code. This code then generates new designs that I bring back to the paper using a pen-plotter.

A generated composition before plotting:

Ten extinct plants and the years they were last seen alive, silver pen on black carton board:

Two circles connected with curves:

Concentric shapes, inspired by a drawing technique I learned in the 80s:

Simulating occlusion. Imperfections can be an important aspect of pen-plotter artworks.

Doodles and sketching.

Tracing the Line. Book released in 2023:

Book closeup:

Tags: pen-plotter. openrndr. axidraw.