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Meteli 13j1

Mon Jun 24, 2013

Exploration of the Perlin noise function.

Software written in Processing.

Programs like this one are always evolving. Most of the source code it is written in days, but parts of it build on top of ideas and code that has developed over the years.

When this particular program is started, it does not cease to draw. The image develops in front of me for 5 to 15 minutes, and I have to take quick decisions before the beauty is ruined. It’s a process I can’t fully control, as randomness plays a role too. There’s no way for me to choose colors or shapes. I only take three decisions: when to add a new layer (which will come with new shapes and colors), how much the old layer should be faded away, and when to save the image.

The software can not be used to draw, and can not generate the same image twice.

elperrodeveru screen

Tags: perlin-noise.