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Sun Apr 4, 2004

This project started in 2004 as a map for Planeta web and their client htwtravel.com and it evolved into a product. It was used by around 30 web sites around the world. I started a full rewrite in ActionScript 3 and about 60 new country maps, but it’s not clear I will finish the new version since I’m now less interested in programming and looking more into education and free software.

It’s has been a moderate success. Many people showed interest and some people bought a copy. But being a one-person team is not easy, and I’m better as a developer than as a marketing / sales person. Everything that follows is copied from my old 314bits.com website where I showed all my work. You can read more details at flashmapa.com.

Public interface (demo)

The public interface lets you zoom into countries and click icons that link to new web pages. (demo removed)

Back Office (demo)

The back office lets you edit texts and icons. Drag texts and icons from the panel to the map to create new elements. Drag them in the map to move them to a new position. Click them to edit or delete. (demo removed) Zoom into Spain to see many icons.  

FlashMapa editable animated map

Add an Interactive Flash Map to your website to show locations around the world or the Balearic islands (more locations to follow):



FlashMapa launched!

Due to the amount of work I haven’t been able to launch the new website showing how great FlashMapa is, but the map is already being used in about 20 websites around the world. Will yours be the next? 

If you want to be notified when the new website comes out, please send me a message using the Quick Contact form in the main window.  

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