Create Garito Café V2.0 web site

Mon Aug 8, 2005

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I developed the second version of garitocafe.com in 2005. It included over 50 hours of streaming audio and video. Again, it’s a fully database driven Flash web site. I created a dual server set up, where part of the data was in Europe and part in USA. The servers communicated with each other. The whole Flash interface was only 30 kb heavy, and all texts and media were loaded on demand. I programmed a mailing list with delivery control so recipients could be easily removed if their addresses no longer existed. The mailing system allowed previewing HTML e-mails with images, and exporting of all contacts in VCard format. The Flash web site had a parallel HTML site so search engines could index and link to any part of the site. The site interface was pure ActionScript, including layout, animation and interactivity. The design concept was again done by EggCommunity and I did all the rest (layout, PHP + MySQL backoffice, animation, ActionScript programming, mailing system).

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