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Sat Jul 7, 2007


These are some web sites I worked on between 2002 and 2007 in Berlin. Some are probably offline or have been replaced by a new site now in 2011.


http://www.nsyachts.com/list.php Search engine / yacht database

Quetzal Tours and Gorilla Trekking

http://www.quetzal-tours.de http://www.gorillatrekking.de Site design, programming, search engine optimization. About 60 HTML pages. 11 page PDF catalog. Design concept.

Sich Lieben Lernen

http://www.sich-lieben-lernen.de Web portal for women, PHP driven. Includes Flash chat and PHP forum. Backoffice to edit all content. Design concept by Juano.

Massimo Sex d’Electro

http://www.massimosex.com HTML website with Flash menu. Scans image folders automatically to avoid editing pages. Simple contact form.

David Monros

http://www.davidmonros.com Added new content to the existing website of this know artist from Menorca. Improved Flash menus, added map + video. Note: this site has been replaced by a new one in 2010.

Emblematica search engine

http://www.studiolum.com/en/biblio.htm With XML import from Endnote 7



PHP Backoffice programming for Dot Project

Margarita Morales Mariachi el Dorado Musagetes Quintett


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