Neljäs Kerros - Berlin exhibition

Thu Nov 1, 2007

Exhibition at Vierter Stock Berlin. November 2007. Project No. 4.

An experimental photography installation that shows that an empty space with white walls can be full of interesting details. Tiny details like cracks, wholes and insects are enlarged while other items like doors and ovens become small. In every case objects are displaced, split in parts and repeated. Trying to make sense of what we see inside these rooms and finding the logic becomes a confusing game in this slightly surreal environment.

2007_nk_grietatecho7y8 2007_nk_hairyharry 2007_nk_10227699dcc60ee1024 2007_nk_1022768adcfd529 2007_nk_1022767a0ec21f2 2007_nk_10227655aa17bcf 2007_nk_102276412eab801 2007_nk_1022731593f76db 2007_nk_1022730530bb26b1024 Room inside first oven Room inside second oven 2007_nk_102272753ec09cd 2007_nk_1022726f0991967 2007_nk_10227253a4165a6 2007_nk_1022724f0f7383f

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