Great online games I played on 2008

Fri Jan 2, 2009

This post first appeared in Ipernity, was deleted by accident, and I later rescued it thanks to the Google Cache.

The motivation to write this post is to share some links to online games I enjoyed playing last year.

Long time ago, in the Amiga times, I used to play lots of games. They all seemed to be different and original. Later I used to play graphic adventures, which I found also amazing. The graphics were terrible, but this did not matter. It was the story behind it. But then came the 3D shooters era and I stopped playing games.

On one hand, I had the impression that you always needed to have the fastest computer to play those games, and I did not understand why that was a requirement, when it had been fine to have a slow computer before. I used to have fun even in my 3.5 Kb Commodore 1 Mhz computer, and I know I still would today, because it was not about the graphics. It was about playing something that became increasingly difficult, and learning and becoming better at it.

On the other hand, it felt like everything was 3D, cars, shooters, soccer… I missed the 2D games with weird concepts that don’t imitate reality. Why this attempt to imitate reality, when we can do something totally out of this world? It’s like painters would only do hiperrealism, skipping abstract, minimalism, pop art, surrealism and all other techniques. I felt there was lack of originality, of good ideas. Of course I don’t claim to know all recent games, and there are probably some good ones out there. But I just didn’t do it anymore.

Until last year, when I started finding some online games which I really enjoyed:

Some other games I found (not so addictive, but beautiful or original in one way or another) are:

None of the above are multiplayer games, and this might be what’s so good about some 3D games: that you play with / against other players. But these more abstract games could also be multiplayer… Maybe this is something I should work on myself :)

I found this interesting read about why old games have something special: In Defense of Retro Gaming: A Discussion of Abstraction

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