At Skizum Studios

Wed May 27, 2009

The first Sunday of May 2009 I gave a small talk at the Skizum Studios in Berlin. Scott Bolden had the great idea of inviting two creative persons every two Sundays to describe projects or interesting facts.

For me it was quite an improvised happening. I’m not used to talking in public, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I talked about Finland, Mallorca, nature, waves in the sea, curiosity, science, the “hydrogen bomb” I created when I was a young kid, computers, programming, randomness, measuring power consumption, testing battery charge, harbors, interesting states of mind, happiest moments in life, being lost, paragliding, inspiring events, creativity, math, among others.

I also showed some creations, like my home page, the sound gun, a concert I did, photography and more. You can find links to some of those creations at my home page. There was no time to explain many other things I had written down, like this sound game I did in my job at Panfu last year, which was inspired by Toshio Iwai’s  work (video, video). I like thinking about interfaces. I also didn’t have time to mention that I’ve been helping with the programming of the website www.ae911truth.org It’s a website where many architects and engineers ask for a new investigation of what happened 8 years ago in New York, and has a 2 hour video presentation of many interesting facts. Or that soon I will visit Uganda and develop phone applications to help doctors in developing countries. I plan to describe this journey in this blog, alternating English and Spanish.

Here are links to some inspiring events you may have a look:

Online conferences at TED (see “Rated jaw-dropping” on the left).

Transmediale. Event in Berlin, in January/February each year. There I saw lots of interesting things, like Syscapes #interlude, and Recipes for Disaster.

Recordings of the Chaos Computer Club conferences in Berlin, each year in December: (some very geek, others not so much, like 2916 Wikileaks)

OFFF: another inspiring event I attended in 2006. Tickets are always sold out very quick. There were so many amazing things shown there. This one from Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman is one of them (see the whole playlist in YouTube!).

I hope that in the future I take some time to write posts about all the subjects I mention above, and upload some other creations I did not present at the Skizum Studios.

Thank you everybody for attending! I hope you enjoyed it :)

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