Pick Up Spore - Live 2007

Mon May 4, 2009

Taas tuli tyhjäks - earth by hamoid

This is the recording of my performance in Mallorca. This was meant to be played in the Pitch Festival, but it was cancelled last minute, so I played in an open air bar next to the cathedral (Ses Voltes). I find this piece as a movie without images. It includes different types of sounds: field recording I did using SoundMan binaural microphones outdoors, sometimes I mounted the recorder in my SoundGun:


Those microphones are normally mounted in your ears, and they record the true 3D sound as we humans hear it. The 3D effect is so real that, when using headphones, I kept turning around when I heard my cellphone beep to realize again that it was coming out of my headphones and not from my phone.

The piece also includes synthesized sounds, classical instruments, and non conventional instruments too. To me the track represents life on this planet, including beauty, rain, destruction, money…

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