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First day

Wed Jun 3, 2009

Today I could actually see what’s around us (yesterday at night I could not see much). Everything is very green. There are some interesting colorful plants, and very big birds and some eagles flying around. In the morning we walked for half hour to a shopping center where we had breakfast. The cars here drive on the left side, so one must be careful when crossing the street. While walking I passed a children school called “The hungry carterpillar”. I also saw a sign saying “beware of the falling mangos” stuck on a tree. After breakfast we checked out the supermarket. Quite big, and with a great variety. Then we both rode a Boda-Boda with a young driver to another shopping center (after discussing the price). There we bought some food, activated the satellite tv contract, exchanged some Euros and had a great mango juice. I noticed some people from India and I asked Miquel about it. He said that many used to live here, but they were kicked out by a past government. In recent years some have returned to the country. A taxi driven by a friendly woman took us back home in a few minutes. She gave us her phone number so we can call her if we need a taxi. Miquel stored it in his personal collection of taxi driver’s numbers.

Today is the mothers day in Uganda, so the school in front of our house was closed, and I was told everything was more quiet than usually. Congratulations to all mothers :)

Then we started working in the project. My part is to program cell phones that run Google’s Android operating system. I was doing some tests during the last weeks in Berlin using a phone emulator, but today it was the first time I run a program in a real G1 phone :) The internet was going really slow, but it looks like maybe we solved it (deactivating QoS).

During the day I took some photos from the roof-balcony, I recorded the noise from the fan in my bathroom, I ate a great tasty mango, had dinner in an Indian restaurant (our driver took us there, 5 minutes away from the house) and had many long interesting conversations with Miquel about our lives, being true to oneself, technology, people, the time he worked at MSF in north Uganda…

Time now to enter my cube and rest until tomorrow morning. Good night all!

Un abrazo para Ricardo!

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