In Kampala

Tue Jun 2, 2009

Finally here :) it’s 22:30. My trip started at 04:30, when a taxi picked me up in Berlin. The way to the airport was quite weird: the taxi was shaking laterally quite strongly while in the highway. The driver said it was the road, but I don’t believe it. I’ve driven there before and my car did not shake like that. I thought the wheels were going to come out. This was Berlin, not Kampala :)

Later I met Miquel in the Sbarro cafe, in Schipol airport (Amsterdam). Huge airport, with expensive magazines (I had to ask someone if that “15” written in the in the magazines were Euros or not). The flight to Kampala went fine. Nothing to see through the window, since it was cloudy all the time. But I could choose between lots of movies, music, games, etc on my own display. I watched The International, which I found quite good. Then Ironman. Finally, a documentary about sustainable and ecologic architecture. I was surprised with how many drinks and food we got. I lost the count, and everything was quite good. Last years I always flew in those low cost companies, and I realised the difference today. In the KLM magazine I saw a great variety of products, some digital cameras, and a ring for 500 Eur.

At the Kampala airport we got some forms from people with masks in their faces. We filled those forms saying that we have no fever, throat pain or cough. Then we got the visa. Edward, our driver, took us to the house. It took about 45 minutes on an asfalt road, with some red dust in it. It was already night, and there is almost no street lighting, so it was quite dark. The whole way smelled like burned plants. Miquel said that’s very common. Some trucks driving up the hill in front of us release very black smoke, which I could smell. During the whole travel in the road we passed lots of people just walking in the road, or hanging out there. Scooters with one, two, three or even four passengers. There were many small places selling stuff. The light was almost always fluorescent tubes or energy saving lamps. Some areas had lots of scooters parked and people around them. Others crossed the smoky road running or with bicycles. In other places people would be sleeping at night, but here the whole way you would see people. I saw some playing volleyball inside a court. Somehow the drive reminded me of some road in Malaga, in a summer night.

When we arrived Robert (the guard) opened the door. The house is big, with grass around it, electric fence, very clean and new looking, and frogs and other night animals are singing out there. Time to sleep now :)

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