Last video shooting day

Thu Jun 18, 2009

Today was our last day out there filming. We drove back to Rakai (across the equator), to the same place where we did the circumcision filming last week. From there we drove to the country side to visit some community health workers in a AIDS help center. I showed the phone application to a doctor and two other workers while Michael controlled the camera and Sal made the questions. We received positive comments and some good ideas for new features. On the way back I could not stop taking pictures from the car. I filled my card with 150 images. I enjoyed shooting at high speed (1/500s) while I turned my body quickly to follow objects and people at the side of the road. It was very hard to aim with the car moving at 80 km/h… a fun game :)   At the equator I checked using the phones GPS feature if the line was at latitude 0º, but there was a 12 meter difference, whatever that means :)   Today we said goodbye to Bob and his son Daniel. Tomorrow early Michael and Sal (filming crew) will leave very early in the morning, and Miquel and I will fly back to Amsterdam in the afternoon. This will be the end of my first visit to this continent. Hopefully more follow :)   During the last week every evening when I get back home I’m extremely tired after so much travelling and exciting events. I only have energy now to write these lines and upload some new photos to Flickr.


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