Pre operation

Wed Jun 10, 2009

Lately I’ve been programming a lot, so no much time to explore. A demo of the application must be ready next Monday. Today I updated the firmware of the phone to the latest version (1.5) and it went fine. I needed to have the latest version. Updating firmwares is always a bit scary, but if you have a presentation 5 days later and have no chance of getting a new phone in case of problems, then it’s even more exciting :) After this update I can record video with the phone.

 A woman from Google foundation came to visit us today, and Miquel was explaining her our projects.

 Now I will go to sleep because tomorrow we wake up at 5:00 to go take photos of an operation while Miquel records it on video. We will drive across the equator to the hospital that did the study that proved that circumcised men are much less likely to get HIV / AIDS. The material will be used to create a course for other doctors to watch.

 Tomorrow first car trip outside Kampala, first live operation too.

 Fresh mango juice in the photo.    Image

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