Sunday in Soukka

Sun Jun 28, 2009

It was incredibly quiet today, and very hot, about 26ºC. I saw a hundred people at the beach. Probably the rest were in their mökki (weekend house, usually next to a lake). There are 187,888 lakes in Finland. That means one lake for every 28 Finns :)

 I have set up my Linux laptop with the 3G Internet for my grandma, and I will leave it here, so I can see her on Skype when I’m away. The attached images and audio were editing using Free Software only. Unfortunately the laptop’s display is not very good, so the images may look worse than other times. Sorry about that :)

 Today I saw a very interesting and well produced one hour long interview on TV. There was a psychologist that takes care of sexual abusers and pedophiles in prison, and the interviewer. She made very good questions and he gave great answers. Both were very intelligent and calm. It was not an attempt to rise the audience by upsetting people, but a deep thought about the issue. Not black nor white, but shades of gray. I wish there were more such thought provoking shows.

 Then I saw a great French documentary about Congo. Reminded me of Uganda. It was created by Diego Buñuel, grandson of the famous director, and titled “Don’t tell my mother”. In this series he visits rarely traveled areas affected by conflicts and wars such as Afghanistan, Colombia, North Korea, Congo, Venezuela, Israel, Iran, Iraq, The Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo) and Pakistan. I hope I find his other documentaries.Listen

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