Camera on the helmet

Thu Jul 9, 2009

Last days we had some autumn weather in summer. Colder, rain, wind. Sunset are still surprising. Today I photographed some strange light reflection in the sky, no idea what causes that.   Soukka, the place where I stay, is 20 km west of Helsinki. It’s next to the sea. But when you are at the beach you don’t see the horizon, because it’s all surrounded by islands, so it feels like a lake. I stay in the sixth floor of a building. From the windows I can only see trees up to the horizon, and then some other buildings here and there. The air is very clean, since you probably have millions of trees, flowers and plants per habitant here.   I think nothing much happens in Soukka. There are many old people living here, and then families with kids. It’s not like Helsinki or Berlin. It’s calm, almost too calm. Now in summer it’s even more quiet because people are gone for vacation. So I wonder what people think of the weird foreigner with the video camera in the head :) I mean… even taking photos here is kind of strange because there are no other tourists. And other people don’t just wander around like I do. I must be very suspicious :)   If I only had the sound gun here! then I’m sure they would think I escaped some mental hospital :D   So the guy with the camera in the head is me. I found a helmet in the second hand store, and mounted the video camera on it. I did this because when I ride the bicycle the image I see with my eyes looks pretty stable, so I thought my head must be pretty stable. And the camera in the head should be pretty stable too :) But after checking the results I realized it’s not as good as I thought. My head is not so stable :P Which in turn means that my eyes or brain have some kind of built-in stabilizer system.   Since the resulting video from the helmet camera was still a bit shaky I searched for some free software to stabilize the random motion. I found VirtualDub, and a plugin called Deshaker. You can see what came out of the first experiment here:

(video hosted on vimeo deleted on 2014)

I guess with a bit of practice the results will be better.   Too bad food can’t be currently shared on-line. I did a strawberry cake with fresh strawberries from the garden and I must say it’s delicious!! :D

Image Image Image

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