Video in my pocket

Mon Jul 6, 2009

Today I picked up the Flip Mino HD I ordered last week. It’s a HD video camera you can put in your pocket. Very small and light. I won’t explain the technical details because you can find them in the net. For testing I rode my bike to my grandmas garden and later to the beach. I shot 66 videos, which means over 2 gigabytes of data! I’m going to need a big hard disk :)

 I already tried recording while riding my bike, with the camera mounted in my tripod, and the tripod attached to my jacket. It was pointed too low, so the result was not the best, but next time it will be better. I want to have some nice video rides surrounded by trees. I have many ideas already: mounting the camera in a second hand helmet, putting the camera in a small airplane I have, hanging the camera from a string so I can fly it in the forest surrounded by trees… Let’s see what comes out of all this :)

Now I have to learn how to do interesting videos… I’ll search for tutorials. My editing possibilities are a bit limited in this Linux laptop, but I’ll try to do something nice.

Image Image



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