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Sun May 16, 2010

A few years ago I created the new “13 Newsletter” website. It’s a newsletter / website about art, which sends a new issue on day 13th each month. There are now almost 600 articles that were written by some friends who collaborate in this project. Surprisingly the site does not have much traffic, so today I tried to improve that by doing some SEO and adding social sharing buttons.

Each page represented one newsletter edition and included up to 10 articles. A change I did today was to give each of those articles it’s own nicely formatted URL. For example: www.13nl.es/2010/articulos/558-krautrock-the-rebirth-of-germany.html. I hope search engines will pick up the text in the URL, the page title, and the <H1> and <H2> tags I used. I was already using Google Analytics, so in a few days I should start to see the effect. A second change I did was to include a button next to each article that allows sending it to most social networks and e-mail clients. This way, if someone likes one specific article she can easily send it by e-mail, to Twitter or Facebook. I hope this change has also a positive effect in traffic. 

Update 2011: After several years writing about art, the team behind 13nl.es decided to move on and the site is now offline.

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