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Sat May 15, 2010

Finally I have taken the time to update my 314bits.com website.
It had become full of dead links after more than two years I spent working on larger projects. Instead of just fixing some links and adding new projects I decided to install Wordpress, which gives me more flexibility. My current intention is to do a reverse blog. I will add projects going back in time, then add more details to each post as I gather information about them. The old content will be visible at www.314bits.com for a few more days until I copy all the data back here.

Note: This post, and 26 other posts, most related to work and studies, were moved from a Wordpress blog in 314bits.com to this Posterous blog on 10.07.2011, before getting rid of that domain.

Note 2: When Posterous closed I moved the blog to Wintersmith, and in 2014 to Hugo.

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