Round shape below the surface

Sun Jul 25, 2010

Today I drove past the airport carrying a bag full of stones. I drove next to the coast, and down a very steep slope. I walked under the hot sun in small paths made of sandstone powder. A place that looks very interesting. Hundreds of years ago it was a sandstone quarry. Between the sea and cliffs covered with rocks and plants that can survive with little water. Not many people go there, probably because it’s not very accessible, there is no sand to put your towel on, and getting out of the water after swimming is not always easy thanks to the sea urchins. Surrounded by geometric surfaces, mixed with collapsed walls and large rocks that have fallen down, it looks like the ruins of an ancient civilization. I jumped into the water with the bag full of stones. The shore is full of irregular rocks which are mostly covered with submarine plants. I had to swim about 50 meters into the sea to find an area with no plants, just sand. I dived several times until all my stones where placed in a circular shape, resting on the sand 4 meters below the surface. I’ve never been able to dive very deep so I had to get used to the depth, compensating the pressure by attempting to blow air through my nose while holding it closed with two fingers. This way I could avoid the pain on my ears. There will lay my round message for someone else to discover until the waves translate it to a language with no grammar. Image Image Image Image

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