The captain and the piano

Fri Jul 9, 2010


I think he was the captain. At least someone in the cockpit of the boat. So I tried to sleep in one seat, in two seats, on the floor… I heard people snoring. I heard drunk friends argue for hours, while I waited them to stop using words and begin using fists. Every 20 minutes a guy came to the empty seat next to me to pick up some more beers from a box. Each time he apologized and seemed more drunk. I think he was one of those friends screaming to his friends while not listening to what they said. When I got bored of this sleeping attempt, I started walking around. The bars were finally closed and most people probably slept. I remembered the girl playing piano. I like playing piano. So I sat on the bench and started figuring out how to open it, why no sound was coming out when I pressed the keys, where the power switch was located… I started playing in this empty bar in a ferry in the Baltic sea and smiled while I waited for someone to show up and tell me I wasn’t allowed to do that. But it didn’t happen. I did turn my head to the left, though, and saw a guy sleeping right next to me. Like one meter away. How didn’t I see him before? That’s how I found the best place to sleep in this ferry (without paying for a cabin I mean). I lined up 4 chairs to hide my horizontal body, covered myself with some clothes, and slept in a soft comfortable place while the captain did his job.

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