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Thu Sep 23, 2010

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I’ve started using the Robotlegs AS3 library to better organize the source code of my Flash map. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding diagrams and documentation. It happened when reading the PureMVC documentation, and it happened again while learning Robotlegs. I believe the documentation sometimes assumes many concepts are familiar. I find many words used are too abstract and non specific. Instead of having to read 20 or 30 pages several times, I’d like a short list with rules, a numbered list of steps required to make it work. I miss a one page long explanation, which I think is perfectly possible. I remember taking diagrams from a popular AS3 book, moving some boxes around and the result would be so much simpler, more symmetric. It was like playing this untangle game. When I first had a look at the Robotlegs diagram I didn’t really get it. I found the lines with 90º turns hard to follow, and I had to search for those numbers one by one. So I remade this diagram using curved lines. I tried to make it possible to understand the code flow effortlessly, following just one line from start to end. Hopefully others also find it simpler.

source file for the updated Robotlegs diagram in Inkscape SVG format.
I hope this is seen as constructive criticism. The Robotlegs micro-architecture is an excellent piece of software. I just believe documentation can often be refactored and its dependencies from previous knowledge removed.
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