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Fri Sep 24, 2010

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I own a Flip Mino HD pocket video camera. The video quality is really amazing. I find it unbelievable that it’s 5 times cheaper than our old 8mm video camera, uses no tapes, no cables, no charger. Nothing, but the camera itself. But it does have one problem: the camera is so light that it’s hard to hold it stable, so if you are not using a tripod the result is probably shaky. One year ago I tested a popular program that corrects shaky video: Deshaker. But it’s only available for Windows. After some research I found vid.stab. I tested it once with the default settings and the result is already much better than the original (see above).

Update: See this tutorial to make it even easier by adding a right click menu option to stabilize your videos.

How to use vid.stab under Ubuntu?

Vid.stab is a plugin for Transcode. To get it running:

Now you should have a much less shaky video called STABLEVIDEO in xvid format. For information about the command line options visit the Stabilize plug in web page and the Transcode web site. You can improve results by adjusting the amount of shakiness distance and duration. When will we get this kind of stability? :)

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