First Snow

Sat Nov 13, 2010

I’m still discovering free open source creative software and learning how to use it. This is a movie I made using 20 different photographs.

02:00 Watch in YouTube

11.11.10 was the day I saw snow for the first time this year. I was really excited about it and wanted to capture the moment, so I placed my camera in the kitchen table with a tripod, and set the cooking timer. Every 30 minutes I ran to the kitchen, took a photo, and set the timer again. And again.

Later I used those images to produce the video on my Ubuntu laptop. With Shotwell I adjusted the tones in the RAW images, so they wouldn’t be too different from each other. I learned to use Synfig to do the motion animation. The photos run back and forth all the time. I used the list importer in Synfig for that, and a .lst text file with 1800 lines with the repeating file names (= 1800 frames = 2 minutes at 15 fps). I spent a while tweaking keyframes, waypoints, motion and timing in Synfig. When I liked the result I exported 1800 png images, which I merged into a huffyuv lossless video using ffmpeg. The music was synthesized with Supercollider. I wrote the source code for the music in gedit, with the Supercollider plugin. I recorded the audio generated by Supercollider with Jack Timemachine, and added some fading and reverse effects with Audacity. Finally I encoded the lossless video file and the mp3 audio file using Avidemux. Wow I didn’t realize I used so many programs!

Strange… there is no art category in Youtube… Should I file it under Autos & Vehicles? Pets & Animals? People & Blogs? There are people, a dog and a car in the video :)

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