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New Delhi day 2

Wed Feb 23, 2011


We’ve been looking for a Barclays Bank office. We ate in the street in a small stand. I take rice that tastes like old oil. I only eat half of it after cleaning the spoon with cleaning spray. We get 1 liter of water and drop a purifying pill in it. We don’t finish the food, we give it to two kids that were unsuccesfully trying to buy food with 10 rupies. We walk under the AIIMS hospital. People lie outside on the floor. One guy on a portable bed lies under a tree with something going into his vein. I remember a small kid with no underwear, all dirty of sitting on the street. Solar powered dancing flowers inside parked cars. A poster suggesting the use of condoms for freedom of choice… of time between one child and the next one. Metro in rush hour is an experience. If you’re near a door when it stops you are ejected out of it like a champaign cork. 

I stand outside a modern temple and see how cars stop, then a guy in uniform accompanies passengers to the temple. Other people passing by stop, touch the floor with their hands, then puts them together in front of their mouths, touch head and ears, then leave. I wonder what they feel. Some do these gestures from their motorbikes which they stop in front of the temple for a minute. 

Small squirrels moving very fast climb the trees. Trees in random streets have sometimes flowers, pictures and presents under them.

We bought different vegetables in a tiny shop in our neighborhood for 15 rupees. We are now cooking them with rice. It was strange to see our neighborhood revealed under the sunshine today without any fog.

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