64 Km ride

Sat Mar 19, 2011


We decided to rent the same scooter again to go south. The owner will pick it up from Da Nang next Sunday. Two persons, three backpacks and a violin. Cold. I wore two t-shirts, a shirt, two sweatshirts, a second hand coat I got yesterday and the plastic raincoat on top. Socks on my hands acting as gloves. Beautiful green hills with clouds pouring from the top. Trying to explain a woman in a road restaurant what we want to eat. We give a mango to her boy. Trucks driving in parallel towards us. Cows crossing the road. Very loud truck horns. Dunes and a lake full of fishermen. We see a hotel and stop there. The hotel is empty. All hotels look empty. This is a tourist area in low season. We have dinner in one of the empty restaurants. A young man shows us his currency collection. We bring him coins from various countries and he seems happy. This is a small village on a road where nothing happens and all know each other. The young man lives and works with his family. He invites us to the pub where a good dj mixes extremely loud techno music. He says people go there to have a coffee. He wants to travel, maybe work in a boat to see the world. Korean videoclips on tv after the dj is done. Local beer. I have the feeling today I saw some bits of real life in Vietnam.

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