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Bodh Gaya

Wed Mar 9, 2011


Bodh Gaya is famous for being the place of Gautama Buddha’s attainment of Enlightenment, known by the Buddhist as Bodhimandala.

This trip is very much improvised. Someone had told us we should visit Bodh Gaya, so there we were, driving a three wheel rickshaw that carried 14 people to a place unknown by us. During the ride we talked to several passengers. One of them, Shrikant Ravi, invited us to stay with him over night. We had no hotel reserved, so we accepted. In the photo you can see the surroundings of his home. It was beautiful, like an oasis. Our new friend spent almost two days showing us around, explaining us lots of things and even sharing his wife’s super tasty home made cookies :) Thank you for your hospitality Shrikant!

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