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Power scooter

Mon Mar 21, 2011


March 20th I walked. I walked for many hours, more than 15 Km. First in the direction of the sea. Right after I crossed a bridge I saw someone arrive with a motorbike, walk to the water and liberate a crab. He left. But then someone tried to capture it. A third person gave indications about the direction the crab went. I was happy because they didn’t find him.

When I later reached the beach I walked on the sand. It was quite empty. I saw some kids saying hello and posing for photos. They followed me and laughed when we couldn’t communicate and I have no idea what they laughed about. I saw how fishermen worked with small round boats and pulling nets out of the water in teams. Young people who played soccer. I saw small crabs running very fast on the sand for the first time in my life. I ate fish rolled in fresh green leaves.

The most interesting thing I did was daring to walk 100 steps with my eyes closed. It took a few attempts. It was sunset time, I was alone, far from my hotel and far from home.

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