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Hacklab Helsinki

Sun Feb 12, 2012


I spent last Saturday building a Noiser 1.0 at Hacklab Helsinki. It was a long process:

    + A software called Eagle was used to design a circuit board. All the components were laid out in this design program.  + Later the components were moved around optimizing the board shape.  + When the design was good enough we printed a black and white image on a transparency using a laser printer.  + Shining ultraviolet light for 125 seconds through the transparency, the shape was transferred to a board. + The board was put into some liquid for 15 seconds. We wore protective glasses and gloves. + The board was rinsed with water, and submerged in another liquid for half hour. You can see the result in the bottom left photo. + We then drilled lots of holes through the board. + We placed all the components on the board, with the legs going through those little holes. + The components were soldered onto the board. + We finally connected the battery and you can see what happened on this video.
It was really special to hold in my hand something that used to be a bunch of pixels on a computer. Something with a beautiful design and a shiny golden color.

I will definitely create more boards. And I’m really looking forward to using the 3D printer to create some interesting shapes.

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