A long bicycle ride

Sun Jun 10, 2012


Sixteen kilometers away from this tree there is a shop. The closest shop. That’s were I went to get some water. There is a hose outside the shop. I used it to fill my 5 liter bottle.

Half of the ride was on dirt road, the other half is asphalt. There were a few steep hills I couldn’t ride up. Even pushing the bike up was hard, because the little stones made my shoes skid. When I walked up those hills I wore a rain coat with a hood. Not because of the rain, but to keep mosquitoes away from my skin. After climbing those hills came big descents. I recorded some on video.

Part of the ride was sunny, and part had light rain. Most of it is surrounded by trees and lakes.

I saw few cars and one woman pushing a trolley on the road. I saw a boot, a cigarette box, a white cup and a dead yellow bird.  I saw two trucks carrying trees. I often see piles of horizontal trees. It annoys me.

I had dinner and a sauna. Now it’s time to listen to the sound of the rain from my bed. A bed in a little house in the forest, far away from you.

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