aBe PaZoS SoLaTie

It is what it is

Tue Oct 23, 2012


I sit on a bus. Sunset in Baltimore. I hear an older man with white hair talk to a younger girl reading on a Kindle. I tune my ear. It’s hard to hear, but I think he’s mentioning he wants to own his books, and does not want anyone to be able to delete them remotely. Funny, because this morning I read an article about this woman in Norway. Amazon closed her account and she lost all her books. I want to tell the man about this article. He looks a bit like a crazy scientist. His back is curved. He gets out right before I do, and he walks fast. So fast I have trouble walking to his side. When I’m next to him, he starts talking about a guy that was running without a t-shirt. I mention the Kindle. And we talk. One kilometer of words about government, corporations and 1984 exchanged with a stranger. I must now cross the street. He continues walking and talking without saying goodbye, lost in his thoughts. Who was he?

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