Political debates are so 2200 BC

Wed Oct 3, 2012

There is a political debate right now on Finnish TV. They are discussing if some provinces should be merged together to save money. What surprises me is that there is no data involved. It’s just about opinions. About who sounds more convincing. Different persons trying to pull you in their directions by the use of rhetoric, without the use of facts or numbers. Trying to impress us by their words, voice and looks sounds like something a musician or a poet should do, not a politician.

I ask myself why isn’t it closer to the scientific method? The debate could include experiments and analysis. Imagine running a simulation where one can adjust the number of provinces and visualize the alternative futures to choose the best one. Instead of that we get a couple of politicians on TV talking loud to each other and saying how terrible the opponent’s idea is. It doesn’t sound like 2012 at all.

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