News, December 16th, 2012

Sun Dec 16, 2012


2012 is almost over and I find myself again in Berlin, the streets covered with dirty melting snow and abandoned TVs. It’s been already two weeks since I spoke at Online Educa about the experience of creating Fun Programming. Yesterday I received my 4th donation and it made me very happy :)

After two years of pause, I recently started again contributing to eMOCHA, the open source mHealth app which we demoed in Uganda during summer 2009.  And eMOCHA is the reason I visited Baltimore in October: I presented the latest version of the program that will be used in a research about pregnant women suffering domestic violence.

It looks like trips make certain things happen: my visit to Kampala three years ago made me start this blog. A trip to Barcelona in 2001 made me buy my first digital camera. After two years without a camera, I just got a new one right before my visit to the States. Interesting.

During the time I was out of the project my colleagues kept working on it, and it’s now used in different projects in several countries across Asia, Africa and America.

What else is new? These are some of the news that called my attention during the last weeks:

Freedom, privacy and Internet:





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