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Boat adventures

Thu May 30, 2013


Strong wind promised to make the boat sail away. I placed it on the water. It was an exciting moment. The waves were competing with the wind, each pulling in one direction. The boat took several water hits and stood firmly in one piece. I thought it might actually scape the shore, but then, for one moment, the wind stopped blowing. This proved to be a decisive and foreshadowing event. Betrayed by the wind, the fate of the little stick boat was in the hands of the angry water. The end of the short journey, I suspected, was near. After resisting several major hits, the boat could no longer challenge such an insistent enemy and started to fail. At 17:18 in May 28th, 2013, shortly after it’s creation in the Finnish coasts of Suomenlinna, the boat crashed into the rocks dissolving forever into long thin pieces.

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