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Sun and wildlife

Mon Oct 10, 2016

Forest in Southeast Taiwan

I’ve never experienced such a long and strong rain. It’s been about a week almost non stop. Yesterday morning we woke up with water in the floor of our room. During the last days my feet have been always wet while walking outside. Yesterday, after walking to see the beach, we had to turn around because the road was flooded.

After all this rain it felt very strange when it stopped. To celebrate, we took a 3 hour walk towards the mountains. We walked on an asphalt road without encountering almost any vehicles.

The continuous morphing sounds of water streams felt very relaxing. I saw butterflies of at least 10 different colors and patterns, lizards, pigs, goats and a van driving up the hill with 5 dogs running behind it.

I think I saw a Yellow-throated marten crossing the road, a fearless animal with few natural predators

Often we stopped and enjoyed the unique sounds of birds. We assumed they were birds. But after seeing a tree suddenly shake wildly, primates crossed our mind. I peeked into the green and I saw a face staring at me. It was a Formosan rock macaque, which immediately disappeared. It was totally unexpected and it made me very happy.

Sunset after days of rain

Tomorrow a new destination.

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