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I deleted my web browsers

Mon Jan 18, 2021

I just uninstalled Firefox, Chromium and Tor from this computer which I will use only for work, leaving the laptop for e-mail, documentation and other websites.

$ sudo apt remove firefox
$ sudo apt remove chromium-browser
$ rm -rf bin/tor-browser_en-US/

A few days ago I tried a softer approach: I wrote a script that asked for confirmation when opening Tor:


zenity --question --text "Do you really need tor? It's better to go back to Idea..."

if test $status -eq 0
  cd /home/funpro/bin/tor-browser_en-US

I also added a plugin to Firefox called “Block Site” to block non-whitelisted pages. I whitelisted some domains used for work. When I wanted to load anything else it asked for a password. If I decided to enter the password the requested site would be available for 5 minutes.

It worked for a few days but I easily went back into old habits by disabling the Firefox plugin when it was time for accesing websites in the evening, then forgot to re-enable the plugin. The confirmation dialog I set up in Tor was not a strong deterrent either.

By having two computers in different locations for different uses I want to make it obvious to myself if I’m working or doing something else. Let’s see how it goes :)

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