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Sun Jun 21, 2009

Friday we spent the day packing our luggage and our data. We shared photos, transfered video tapes and copied the files we’ve been working on. The way to the airport was quite interesting. We left the house at sunset time, when a big traffic jam takes place every day. Even there are no traffic lights and cars move slowly, I think drivers don’t get stressed. Edward always seemed very calm. I haven’t seen people screaming or honking. Actually I haven’t seen anyone agressive at all.   Right now I hear people honking all the time here in my street in Berlin because they have to drive slower than usually. Today Fete de la musique takes place and some streets are for pedestrians only, so cars have to drive other routes. Sometimes someone even screams. Why are they so stressed?   While driving to the airport I found it sad to see a woman sitting on a dusty sidewalk grilling corn to sell. She was there with her small son that tried to climb on her. The kid smiled and laughed, and she played with him. Around her there was some trash. The corn was quite black after a long time in the small grill. I wonder if someone was buying any of it. It’s strange that it felt sad for me while they seemed happy.   Edward took a different route to avoid the traffic jam. We drove on some dirt streets with huge holes and bumps. The car’s bottom often hit those bumps. I saw the night life in Kampala. There were some pickup trucks with loud speakers, pool tables, bars and lots of people hanging out there. It was a busy and very interesting area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabalagala   In the photos, a mobile card shop. Then Sarah, Miquel with Conejo, Solomon, Hakim and I, and finally someone being driven around in a bicycle on the way to the airport.   It was amazing how bright the stars were on the road to Entebbe. You could see some even near the horizon.   Tuesday 60ºN :)

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