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School of public health

Tue Jun 16, 2009

Today the video shootings continued. First with the Dean of the School of Public Health. Bob and Miquel presented him the phone and the application, which he found very interesting. After this Bob and Miquel explained to the camera the project and the technology used. It was a bit tricky because it was outdoors and the wind forced them to repeat the takes a few times. After eating a pizza we attended (and filmed) a very interesting event (the Grant Rounds) in the same campus, at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI). In this event, they connect the local auditorium with another one in the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore using a satellite link. Cameras and microphones in each side transmitted live feed to the other side. 3 uncommon medical cases from Uganda were presented, the participating doctors in Baltimore tried to diagnose and give their opinions on those cases using the given data, and finally the local doctors presented what was the actual diagnosis, and interesting discoveries. So basically it was a videoconference between doctors in Kampala and Baltimore that brings new knowledge to both sides.

Finally we visited the Davis theater. There was a short discussion about the planned modernization that will bring the latest technology to the theater. After a great dinner in a beautiful Thai restaurant surrounded by nature it’s now time to sleep.   Only three days left here. I know I will miss it.

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