"Redes" science TV program now in English

Wed Aug 4, 2010

Even I haven’t had a TV for 10 years, sometimes I watch it when I visit my family. For a long time my favorite program has been “Redes”. It talks about science and includes interesting interviews with scientists around the world. Until very recently it was available only in Spanish. Here you can find a full archive to watch online. Now many episodes are also available in English.

During this visit to Spain I found another program I like very much. Actually, it’s not a program but a TV channel that continuously airs English lessons. I find one of its presenters, Mr. Vaughan, very good. He knows how to make it interesting. You can also watch the episodes online: http://www.aprendeingles.com/ It’s meant for Spanish speaking people. English has given me the chance to travel, communicate with people from all around the world and work in foreign companies. It can help people find a job in other countries if they can’t find one in Spain.

And if you never heard of TED, I recommend visiting http://www.ted.com It’s full of inspiring videos with subtitles available in many languages. You can activate them below the video. Maybe try the “Most favorited all-time” category. TED is full of exciting things to learn.

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