Mission statement

To create interactive audiovisual art using a generative approach to help people connect to each other, reveal the link between mathematics and nature and show the hidden effects of digital technologies. To promote privacy and the use of Free Open Source creative tools.

This is my previous randomly-generated artist statement :)

Privacy friendly website

I care about privacy. This website does NOT use cookies, advertising, tracking, analytics or social features. I took the effort to replace all embedded videos and audio tracks by links clearly labeled “watch on _ _ _ _”. That way remote content is only loaded if you consent by clicking on it.

This web site contains links to other web sites I do not own and I can’t evaluate how safe those are. There are browser plugins you can install to help you navigate safely and with increased privacy.

The web server in which this site is hosted does keep a log in which your IP address might be stored. I don’t analyze those logs. If it’s legal I’ll eventually switch logging off. If you prefer your IP to not be logged I recommend the TOR browser.

Free Open Source Software

I use hundreds of Free Open Source tools in my creative work. Some of them are OPENRNDR, Processing, OpenFrameworks, SuperCollider, Firefox, nodejs, Blender, DarkTable, Vim, QtCreator, GNU image manipulation program, Kdenlive, FFmpeg, Audacity, LibreOffice, MyPaint, cmus, Midnight Commander, i3, VLC, git.

This website is generated using Hugo, a static website generator. Static web sites are more secure because they are simpler (no database, no vulnerable server side programming) and generate less CO2.

As Operating System I run ArchLinux and Ubuntu Server.

In prism-break you can find alternatives to many closed source programs. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great place to learn about privacy, surveillance and freedom.

If you have ever contributed in some way to a Free Open Source program, Thank You! Also thank you for visiting this web site :-)