Mission statement

To create interactive audiovisual art using a generative approach to help people connect to each other, reveal the link between mathematics and nature and show the hidden effects of digital technologies. To promote privacy and the use of Free Open Source creative tools.

My previous randomly-generated artist statement.


I care about privacy. This website does NOT use cookies, advertising, tracking nor analytics.

I try to avoid that my site loads content from domains I do not control but pages containing video files unfortunately DO load remote content from Vimeo and YouTube. There may be links to web sites I do not own and I can’t evaluate how safe those are. The web server does keep a log in which your IP address might be stored. I don’t analyze those logs in any way. If it’s legal I’ll eventually switch logging off.

Free Open Source Software

I use only Free Open Source Software on my computers. This website is generated using Hugo, a static website generator. Static web sites are more secure and generate less CO2. As Operating System I run ArchLinux and Ubuntu Server. I program in environments like Processing, OpenFrameworks, SuperCollider, the web browser and the web server. Some FOSS programs I use frequently are Blender, DarkTable, Vim, QtCreator, Gimp, Kdenlive, Ffmpeg, Audacity, LibreOffice, MyPaint, mutt, cmus, Midnight Commander, i3, VLC, git.

In prism-break you can find alternatives to many closed source programs. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great place to learn about privacy, surveillance and freedom.

If you have ever contributed in some way to a Free Open Source program, Thank You! :)